There’s no avoiding it, the apparel industry is mess

We are a Commercial Screen Printer based in Auckland, New Zealand.  Specialising in Custom Printing T-Shirts, Apparel and Textiles.

Printed in New Zealand! With an emphasis on Kiwi Suppliers. 

We Screen Print in Auckland, New Zealand. Our Screen Printers (and the rest if the team) are free-range. 

And from this site you will be able to tell we are very keen on using AS Colour, who are a local company, we love a few things about them:

1. We are supporting local by using them.
2. They got rid of their polyester sports range a few years ago. And were the first to offer 80/20 cotton/polyester as a bottom rung for hoodies, many of the other suppliers are sitting around 60/40, 50/50 or even 100% polyester. This lines up with our goal of avoiding polyester at all costs.
3. AS Colour have affordable Organic Cotton options. 
4. Their gear prints great.
You can check out their policies on their site.

We do also have a really cool Fairtrade Supplier who we would normally push, however covid has created such stock issues that we simply cannot do so currently.

Polyester, synthetic fibres and the rise of active wear

We wrote a blog article about a this few years back and recently synthetic fibres are back in the news. We had hoped to see more publicity before now.

The meatiest news is that microfibres from your activewear is literally washing down the drain every wash. These fibres (along with other microplastics) have now been found in even near impossible to reach locations in every corner of the world, on land and in the ocean.

Plastics have been detected in not only the animals we eat, but in the plants as well. In fact chemicals from plastic have now been detected in an unborn child.

Despite this, through clever marketing we are buying up performance, dry gear and active wear in record numbers with Active Wear brands popping up left right and centre. Do not be fooled, these are Plastic garments that literally cost less to produce than their natural counterparts, despite their RRPs.

At Graphics on Shirts Limited we do acknowledge there are rare instances where polyester can be advantageous, we can and we do supply sports and polyester garments. However we actively advise against them and you will not find any 100% Polyester garments on our site. We believe the choice is with consumers, however we have found that by firstly not advising or displaying these garments and secondly by explaining that even run of the mill cotton is better breathing most clients are happy to move to natural fibres.

Environmental policy

We’ve always hated polyester truth be told….
However In 2017 we decided to pivot away from it as much as possible, with an end goal of moving away from it entirely.

This site has recently been updated to simply remove the sports gear and ranges from sight, this we have found really helps us to even avoid the question about whether we can source – through just some minor advise and basic education we have found most clients are easily convinced of polyesters harm and happily move away from it.

We 100% recommend and only really advertise AS Colour, they have Organic Cotton options – Which are far superior to even the best traditional cotton production. 

However even their standard cotton is BCI accredited.

Our tea towels are all 100% waterbased dye printed and we have made Cotton Supply Co our main focus going forward.

We hate polyester, the earth hates it too.

However in all honesty it is the chemicals and release of chemicals in the printing and curing of the garments  that has spurred this on – We do not want our staff exposed to these fumes.


Contact us today to see how you can swap to natural fibres, for your and everyones health. We love printing organic cottn. – New Zealand’s Organic Cotton T-Shirt Printers

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    Some of the Brands we supply:

    AS Colour, Freeset, Biz Corporates, James Harvest, Stormtech, Icebreaker, Team Sports, Jbs Wear, Gildan, Anvil, BMV, Biz Collection, Cloke, Syzmik, Legend Life, Trends Collection, Maxum, The Range.

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