Organic Cotton T-Shirt Printing

Cotton prints great, organic cotton is no different…

Except of course it is better for the environment, better for the farmers and better for you!
Organic T-Shirt Printing is the best T-Shirt Printing full stop, and the range available in organic cotton keeps growing.

Several of our faviourite tees are now available in Organic Varients for screen printing. 

Why Print onto Organic Cotton?

Organic T-Shirt Printing is only just starting to take off, and it all comes down to consumers.

It is your choice, you decide by social movements yes, but more so with your wallet. Organic cotton is more expensive to produce, for a variety of reasons however the biggest deciding factor is simply economy of scale. We have all demanded cheap goods with little care for so long that Organic goods have become boutique, the farms small and the product expensive. 

Organic production is more expensive, but the lack of demand really held production back. It is only recently that we have started to care about our oceans and what we put into our bodies! And now we are starting to care about what happens to our environment, and what we are putting onto our bodies.

What we are seeing now is this demand grow exponentially. We love it and think it is great and it is bringing the pricing much closer to what most can afford. In fact we love it so much we charge the same for Organic AS Colour Screenprinting as we do for the standard versions of these tees! We hope others start to do the same. 


Fairtrade Screen printing

We deal with two fair trade t-shirt suppliers – For orders over 50 units.

Freeset is a fantastic supplier, however pricing is steep under 100 units, and there is a MOQ of 50. Yellow Bird have a MOQ of 100 units. 

We are more than happy to assist with any Fair Trade printing requests, just fill in the form below.

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