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How to look after your new Printed T Shirt

Whilst some may say a T Shirt is a poor substitute for a friend or pet, we disagree!


You can have great fun with a Printed T Shirt and you can enjoy a long and happy life together.

The real bonus here is that it takes less time and effort to look after your new T Shirt than a Pet or a Friend!


Below are some tips to help you and your Printed T Shirt a long and healthy relationship.


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Fancy print aside, all T Shirts are slightly different in manufacture and may not enjoy the same activities.




If you are doing life right your T Shirt will get dirty, or at least a little sweaty, and quality fabrics can pick up on smells around you. And Just like we recommend that you partake in regular bathing yourself, you will need to wash your new shirt from time to time and there are some definite do and do nots if you want your Printed T Shirt to live a long and prosperous life:


DO Use Cold Water - This will not only add longevity to the print but will also help keep any garment from fading.

DO Turn your T Shirt Inside Out - This will stop other garments and other branding rubbing against your print.

DO Wash with Similar Garments - Friction can reduce your prints lifespan, hard denim will wear a print away much faster than soft cotton.

DO Hang Dry, Inside Out - This not only protects your print from the sun, it also protects the garments dye from fading.


DO NOT Tumble Dry - Heat is the enemy of your new print, over time it will cause it to crack and peel, similarly heat will eventually fade garments.

DO NOT Wash with Brand New Garments - New garments can bleed, and those Red Socks that might stain your White Shirt can also stain your print!

DO NOT Use Bleach - Bleach and harsh detergents remove colours, enough said.

DO NOT Iron the Print - Again Heat is the enemy and ironing will smear the print.




You may want to hang your new T Shirt on a hanger, and hey thats cool, we’re not here to judge. But seriously how you store your T Shirt is up to you. We would recommend not storing it in the sun to avoid excessive fading and we are quite partial to a nicely folded T Shirt.


Here’s a really cool way to fold T Shirts:


If you follow the above guidance you are on the path to a fun and fulfilling journey with the new T Shirt in your life.


Things happen, and people change, sometimes we simply do not want to be with our T Shirt any more!

With human relationships we would recommend counselling, sadly there are very few qualified T Shirt counsellors around, so if you and your shirt are thinking it is time to part ways and your shirt is in good condition we do ask that you don’t just throw it away. Instead think about taking it to your local Hospice or Salvation Army store. Many Supermarkets have clothing donation bins in the carparks.

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